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Many golfers spend hours of practice at the range trying to fix their swing themselves without using any technology. Making little tweaks to their swing without really understanding cause and effect. Eventually, the golfer decides to book a lesson at the local range, where no technology is available. Again a few tweaks are made, ball flight changes and your delighted with the lesson and perhaps even buy a package of golf lessons. You may continue to improve through the lessons or you might see inconsistencies still present but just slightly different from before and feel you have hit a dead end with your golfing ambitions.

How Do You Know You Have Improved?

The scenario above is a vicious cycle when it comes to a struggling golfer and golf lessons.  Using golf technology when you practice such as Trackman, is vital when practicing or having golf lessons. The reason for this is quantifiable feedback. Research has shown that quantifiable feedback accelerates the process of learning significantly more than qualitative feedback. Trackman has 40 different parameters that highlight potential weaknesses in your game or can confirm your strengths. Using golf technology when you practice or have golf lessons, you are able to identify which parameters you need to improve and measure your improvements with factual data. In addition, You can look at the averages and your deviation over a group of shots and send yourself post lesson or practice data and videos to mentally attach feels and reals. 

Trackman data parameters for optimum practice using golf technology.

Quantifiable Feedback - Learning with Technology

The Image below shows you feedback you receive during your golf lessons or practice. Firstly, Your golf professional should be Trackman certified. Secondly, the golf professional should explain to you what your main weaknesses are using the Trackman data and look at how to improve the data using slow motion video technology. Lastly, the professional should apply swing changes to influence the numbers and improve your ball flight. As a result, you will know you have improved by seeing improvements in your Trackman data and standard deviation number to show consistency. The image below only shows some of the parameters that Trackman has to offer. 

Trackman data from golf lessons and practice

Stike Location Technology

You can now analyse you strike location on every shot using Trackman technology. This is an extremely powerful tool to understand your ball flight as this can effect many parameters such as spin rate, face to path and face angle. As a result, this provides you the complete picture as you can look at where you struck the ball on the club face and how it influenced the numbers and why it produced the resulting ball flight.  

Slow Motion Video Technology

Slow motion video analysis is really a bare minimum when it comes to using technology in golf lessons or practice. Video cameras are essential for picking up movements during the swing that can influence the direction of the golf club and the opening and closing of the club face. At Tee Box we relate our video analysis of a clients golf swing to their Trackman numbers. As a result, the golfer understands the areas that need to be improved in the Trackman data to optimise ball flight and how to achieve this using slow motion video technology. 

When videoing a golf swing, slow motion is crucial due to speed of which a swing takes place and to eliminate any distortion to any of the frames in the video. In addition, consistency of the angle the video is filmed is essential as analysing a three dimensional movement on a video camera can play tricks on you.

Slow motion video technology used in golf lessons or practice

Post Lesson Video Reports and Trackman Data

After every golf lesson, golfers should receive a video of their golf swing and a complete overview of their Trackman data and golf swing analysis. Consequently, it’ll be much more likely that the golfer is able to retain the information and encourage learning which is critical for improvement. 

Vary your practice sessions

Using Trackman technology, you are able to use many features compared to hitting balls on a regular range. Combine tests is a great way to test your accuracy and distance control. You will discover weaknesses you have with certain yardages and where your misses tend to come from. As a result, it gives you a clear area of focus to work on to make significant improvements. Tracy a new Trackman feature, will actually tell you what Trackman parameters you should improve on and provide you a bandwidth on a specific parameter to improve your ball flight

St Andrews Golf Course on Trackman technology

Play the Course in half the time

Many lapsed golfers who haven’t played for a number of years stopped playing golf because they simply didn’t have enough time. Using Trackman, you can now play some of the best golf courses in the world in unbelievably accurate conditions in as little as an hour! 

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