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The No.1 Indoor coaching studio in London. 2000 SqFt facility right in the heart of the City of London. Indoor golf lessons and practice sessions using premium technology. 

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Why Have Indoor Golf Lessons?

Use Cutting Edge Technology

Tee Box London uses the best technology in the golf industry. Use Trackman 4 on state of the art simulators to provide the ultimate feedback on your golf swing.

Post Lesson and Practice Feedback

See your improvements over time by storing swings from previous sessions, email your practice session reports and screencasts to yourself to review.

Vary your practice

Head to the range and receive all of your Trackman data. Vary your targets at the range to improve with multiple clubs. Test yourself with the combine test and find out your weakest distances.

Practice in a Learning Environment

Learn golf in the same weather conditions to build solid fundamentals to your game. Practice in a quiet area to narrow your focus on your own game.

Measure your progress

Measuring your performance using quantifiable data is the best way for improvements. Learning your averages and statistics enables you to identify weaknesses and structure your practice.

Prepare for the Golf Course

Head to some of the best golf courses in the world and play a round of golf, or place a ball down from a difficult spot on any hole and practice speciality shots.

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