Putting Lessons In London

Learn how to putt properly in golf using the best technology.

Why Use Sam PuttLab?

Putting Lessons in London at Tee Box using Sam PuttLab. The most accurate and comprehensive putting analysis and training system.

Find Out Weaknesses

Using Sam PuttLab in putting lessons, we measure 28 different putting parameters in your stroke. This will help you discover the tendencies and consistencies of your putting stroke. Tendencies form the blueprint to your putting stroke. Consistency is how repeatable this motion is. When learning how to putt, this is crucial for you to understand what factors are really affecting your scores.

Learn A Systemic Approach

Both Tendencies and Consistencies are compared to statistics from the PGA Tour averages. This quantitative data will identify weaknesses in your putting stroke that cause high scores. As a result, it provides us with a key area of focus in your putting lessons.

Quantitative Feedback

Neuroscience tells us that quantitative feedback accelerates  learning much faster than qualitative feedback. Using this data helps golfers understand how the putting stroke mechanics work and how to putt better in golf.

Most Accurate Putting Sensor On The Market

The putting system picks up on the smallest of movements and allows you to develop improvement and training strategies. Sam PuttLab uses ultrasound sensory analysis, far superior to any putting system on the market.

What Is Sam PuttLab?

Sam PuttLab the most accurate putting sensor and analysis system for the best golf lessons
Sam putt performance analysis for putting golf lessons

Learning how to putt well in golf is crucial to your scores. An astonishing 43% of your shots in a round of golf consist of putting, and that is at any playing standard. To develop a fundamentally sound putting stroke, it is excellent practice to in a closed environment. Ideally on a straight putt, eliminating some external factors. Tee Box London has a spacious indoor putting green that is 14 feet in length.  Eliminating all those outdoor variables so you can work on your putting fundamentals and know the real causes to missed putts.  Using Sam PuttLab in our putting lessons we can work on key putting fundamentals:

  • Grip.
  • Alignment.
  • Putter path.
  • Face angle.
  • Rhythm.

While working on key putting fundamentals, we can measure your performance using our technology.  This will identify changes and improvements throughout your putting lesson. This will accelerate your knowledge on how to putt  well in golf by attaching different feels and body motion to Sam PuttLab measurements. Every lesson comes with post lesson reports and feedback.