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The Fear Of Change And Starting Something New

There are many golfers out there who I see are killing themselves out on the golf course by continuing to embed their bad habits into their game but remain reluctant to take golf lessons. When asking the average golfer if they take lessons or if a new client has had lessons in the past, I usually hear “yes I took some golf lessons a while back and I actually got worse”.

 Many questions are asked when it comes to golf lessons…how many golf lessons do I need? Are golf lessons worth the money? How often do I need golf lessons?  In this article I will discuss the benefits of having golf lessons and the reservations people have with taking golf lessons and let you make up your own mind.

Benefits of Golf Lessons

1) Seeing Improvement

Firstly, the main purpose that people decide to book golf lessons that they clearly want to improve their performance. Every golfer wants to see their improvement by their only measurement available – shooting lower scores.
Golf lessons in London at Tee Box
Golf lessons in London at Tee Box

Having golf lessons and seeing improvement is a great feeling. Depending on the individual, improvements can happen quickly or they can take time. Regular lessons from your coach will help reinforce those areas you need to improve on. 

There are a few ways you can measure your improvements other than just your score. Stat taking is one of the five habits every golfer should learn. The other way to measure improvements is using technology.  Practicing with technology is an article I wrote discussing why you should use technology for your practice and during golf lessons. At Tee Box London, every golf lesson I use Trackman, a launch monitor designed by missile tracking technology in the military to provide quantifiable data to measure your improvements.

2) Qualified Instruction

Secondly, some of the worst habits formed from golfers I’ve seen are from people that have tried to fix their swings themselves by watching Youtube videos or by getting advice from their friend who is a 14 handicap.

The problem with youtube golf instruction is that the fixes for certain swing faults will not necessarily apply to your golf swing and could make your current technique worse than it was beforehand.

Golf lessons should take place with a qualified golf professional, who is not only PGA certified but has continued to develop their knowledge to specialise in certain fields. Putting, short game, swing mechanics, fitness and nutrition, sports psychology are all areas of the game that are extremely important and might be worth getting to know a specialist in one of these fields. 

3) Structure

Thirdly, Most golfers that try to fix their own game have no order or method to fix their current issues in their game or understanding of cause and effect. As a result, leading to increasingly poor performance.

Good golf lessons should consist of an accurate analysis of your golf swing. Helping the golfer understand why they are hitting their bad shots and what they are doing in their golf swing to cause this. Every golfer has a blueprint, a story behind why they hit certain shots and it’s up to the professional to identify compensatory movements that need to be improved and what has caused the player to make these movements.

 Building a plan of action, the order in which these changes need to be made to prevent poor performance during the learning phase of instruction. Great instructors will develop a clear order on how to improve a golfer gradually through their process of changing to avoid a decrease in performance.


4) Commitment and Fun

Fun Golf Lessons

Lastly, taking golf lessons is a great way to commit yourself to golf. Many golfers won’t play or practice if they don’t know what to work on or have any structure to their improvement. Most golfers that take lessons, work on their game the following week and look for improvements or changes in performance and reassess this in a follow up lesson. As a consequence, the desire to see an improvement in performance keeps the golfer engaged and active in golf.

 Building a strong relationship with your golf professional keeps the lessons fun, engaging and helps provide a positive learning environment to assist your process for learning. In essence, some golfers take lessons just because they like their golf professional. To summarise, not everyone has a golf lesson for a swing overhaul, they enjoy the company of their instructor and share stories and pick up a few tips in the process for their round at the weekend.

Questions And Reservations For Golf Lessons

1) How Often Do I Need Golf Lessons

This is dependant on a few factors. Firstly, what skill level you are. Elite players may only have a few lessons a year just to have a different set of eyes watch their swing or performance and provide reassurance that they’re doing the right things or be notified of any potential issues that can arise. Beginners will need to learn a variety of techniques and need to practice in between sessions to build muscle memory. Depending on the player, their budget and their golf swing, a session weekly/biweekly is the best option and over time reducing the regularity of lessons

2) How Many Golf Lessons Do I Need?

How many golf lessons you need will also depend on your skill level but more importantly, your goals and ambitions you have for your golf. Believe it or not, not every player wants to hit the ball like Tiger Woods, some people just want to go out and enjoy golf with their friends and not embarrass themselves.

The number of lessons you need will also depend on the quality of the golf lessons you are having. Typically lessons involving technology, although more expensive, provides much more feedback and analysis backed up by data for faster improvements.

3) Are Golf Lessons Worth the Money?

This depends on how often you are going to play and practice. As mentioned earlier, a good golf lesson should not stop you from being able to still enjoy playing golf in between lessons. Lesson prices vary depending on group or individual lessons as well as introductory level versus experienced players. 


The main reason why golf lessons are worth the money. Golf lessons will save you a lot of time. Trying to fix your game yourself without fully understanding cause and effect could take hours and hours of practice with only seeing very small improvements which could be purely timing based. The big question is…If a one hour lesson is £80 using technology with great feedback and highlighting key issues…can I figure this out on my own in eight hours of practice at the driving range? 

 Golf is a time consuming sport, but there are alternatives. Indoor golf using a simulator can take less than an hour to play 18 holes depending on the player. A fellow golf professional actually reduced his handicap to 2 purely from practicing and playing indoor golf.

Finally - What if I get worse?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article. Some golfers who have had lessons in the past did not improve. 

There are many reasons that this could be the case. Firstly, it could be due to lack of time. If you didn’t have the time to work on your golf swing in between lessons or even play golf then it is unlikely that you will improve. Secondly, the use of technology in your lessons. As an industry standard slow motion video analysis is the minimum for a quality lesson. It doesn’t matter how skilled the golf professional is, if no technology is being used there is too much room for guessing without any concrete data or feedback. In addition, the order in which changes need to be made is extremely important to see rapid improvements and the use of technology such as Trackman helps facilitate that.

If you are located in a city. Indoor golf, such as Tee Box in London, is a great way to practice and play golf using technology that is extremely accurate, conveniently close to work and requires much less time to play or practice. In addition, the use of the technology will greatly accelerate your performance. 

If you happen to be located in the city of London and are interested in having golf lessons,  please head to my free golf swing evaluation page and book a lesson where we can build a plan to improve your golf together. 

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