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Putting contributes to 40% of your overall score in golf, at any level! In this article, I will be discussing the most important factors in putting. Therefore, if you are struggling with your putting you will be able to improve your putting following this guide below. These factors are what you can expect to improve if you happen to book a putting lesson at Tee Box London with myself. Putting lessons at Tee Box London use the most accurate putting technology in the industry, Sam PuttLab. 

Sam PuttLab measures over 20 different parameters in your putting stroke. Used by the best golfers in the world. Sam PuttLab will accurately measure your stroke and highlight key areas your need to improve with your putting. 


Sam PuttLab the most accurate putting sensor and analysis system for the best golf lessons

Here are some of the parameters Sam PuttLab Measures:

  •  Face angle.
  • Face to Path.
  • Putter Path.
  • Face Rotation.
  • Impact Location.

There are many different training modes using Sam PuttLab to focus on areas to improve your putting.  


Putting styles to improve your putting

There are many different putting strokes you see on the PGA Tour. Players with a wide or narrow stance, players standing very tall with long putters or players a lot more bent over the ball. Some players like to take the path of the putter straight back, others like to arc the putter with a lot of face rotation. 

The key thing to understand is that there are some factors in a putting stroke that are fundamental to your performance. Other areas are less important important and are more based on style and personal preference. You can also have a fundamental that is outside the PGA Tour average that does work for you. However, consistency of these patterns is key.  Using Sam PuttLab we are able to determine which putting fundamentals have a high consistency and discover whether your style or tendencies work for you. 

Set up

Your setup position in putting is the easiest way to improve your putting stroke. Your body position can affect the putter path, the angle of attack on the putter, your aim and much more! To improve your putting, you need to have a consistent set up position. 

Here are the key elements you should focus on when it comes to your set up position when putting.

  • Stance width
  • Ball position
  • Open or Square feet line
  • Open or Square Shoulders
  • Putter Length
  • Forward Bend with upper body
  • Eye Positioning.


Aiming is incredibly overlooked in putting. On a straight 16 foot putt,  PGA Tour players are aiming outside of the hole 55% of the time. This indicates that aiming is much harder than it looks. Here are some things to look at when it comes to improving your aim with putting:

Face angle is responsible for 83% of the golf balls direction! Therefore to improve your putting this is the most influential factor to your putting stroke. 

Face Aim to improve your putting


Tempo or rhythm  is crucial for distance control in putting. Without good speed, you will hit through the breaks in your breaking putts and will have a big impact on where you should be aiming your putter. 

The follow through in your stroke should be 2/3 longer than the backswing with a timing ratio of 2:1. The backswing should take twice as long as the follow through. The feeling of this however, is typically 50/50 as beginners tend to accelerate excessively through impact. A great drill to improve your putting is to buy a metronome or download an app on your phone, head to the putting green and try to keep to the beat of the metronome.

metronome to improve your putting distance control


The amount of face rotation in the stroke is very important. The higher the face rotation the more accurate the stroke will need to be as squaring the face up at impact is the most important factor when it comes to your direction. To improve  your face rotation with putting, you must make sure that is is symmetrical in the backstroke and forward stroke. 

Face rotation to improve your putting

Path Direction

Putter path and face rotation do have a close relationship. You can now buy putting templates that you can practice on to develop a consistent arc to your stroke including where the face should be pointing during the stroke.  A very low amount of face rotation in the follow through will typically result in a more out to in path. This is a pretty common pattern used on the PGA Tour for short putts but not for long putts. When buying a putter, you can buy a face balanced putter or toe hang putter (weight more in the toe). A toe hang putter promotes a more arcing stroke with natural face rotation. A face balanced putter promotes a straight back and through stoke.

Improve your Putting Face Rotation and Path

Impact Spot

The impact spot of your putter can significantly effect distance and direction of your putting stroke. However, consistency is the most important. Therefore If you consistently are hitting the ball towards the toe or heel as opposed to the occasional strike in the middle of the face. It is interesting to note that  a toe strike will cause the ball to move slightly to the right and a heel strike to move slightly to the left. in putting.

Improve your impact spot in putting

Loft and Rise

The loft and rise of your putter in the stroke will significantly effect the spin of your golf ball. When the ball is at rest, it is sitting sightly down on the putting surface. Therefore the ball needs to be launched with a small amount of spin to lift the ball out of the surface to start rolling. The skidding phase after initial contact needs to be as small as possible to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. To improve your putting, you want to make sure that you have enough loft on your putter at impact and rise angle to optimise these conditions for great contact and speed control.

Summary of factors that effect your putting

How to improve your putting

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