Slow Motion Video Analysis Every Golf Lesson

Impact position of the golf swing through golf lessons
Trackman data from golf lessons and practice

Every golf lesson I help you understand your Trackman data to optimise your ball flight and apply the data to the movements in your golf swing using high quality video cameras.

Top of golf swing slow motion analysis for golf lessons
Trackman data parameters for optimum practice using golf technology.

Tee Box London video cameras record your golf swing at 300 fps with no distortions of the club face at impact.  As a result, we can identify subtle movements in the golf swing that have a significant effect on your shots. Receive a video report every golf lesson with your golf swing, Trackman data and feedback for improvement.  You will also receive a video screencast with videos recorded from each session and see the changes that have been made to your golf swing and how they have improved not only aesthetically but also through tangible data.


Trackman shot data report

What Is Trackman 4?

Golf Lessons London
Trackman face angle parameter for accurate feedback in golf lessons

Golf Lessons in London at Tee Box, an expanding facility consisting of luxurious simulator bays with industry leading Trackman technology.  Trackman is the leading industry launch monitor, used by 49 of the top 50 professional golfers in the world.

Trackman Parameters in the golf swing for the best golf lessons

Trackman enables us to analyse and diagnose your golf swing using factual quantifiable data. As a result,  golfers can improve at a much faster rate at any skill level compared to regular golf lessons.

Thanks to Trackman’s duel radar technology. One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during and after impact – with some of the parameters commonly known as club path, face angle, attack angle and many more.

Trackman dual radar system. The most accurate launch monitor for the best golf lessons.

The second radar system tracks the full flight of the golf ball or to the simulator screen and makes a calculation with accuracy of 4 feet from 400 yards. The parameters with this radar track everything from the launch of the ball to the landing of the golf ball.

What IS Sam PuttLab?

Sam PuttLab the most accurate putting sensor and analysis system for the best golf lessons
Sam putt performance analysis for putting golf lessons

Putting golf lessons in London at Tee Box use Sam PuttLab. The most accurate and comprehensive putting analysis and training system in the world. Measuring over 20 different parameters in your putting stroke, I can accurately diagnose why you are missing your putts. Here are some of the parameters that Sam PuttLab measures:

  • Aim
  • Face Angle
  • Face To Path
  • Putter Path
  • Face Rotation
  • Impact Location
  • Tempo