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October 2021
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Benefits of Golf Instruction At Tee Box

Free Golf Swing Evaluation

Every new golfer at Tee Box starts off with a free golf swing evaluation before any golf instruction.

Tailored Lesson Programs

Golf Instruction is tailored towards golfers swing fixes and goals set during their evaluation.

Using The Best Technology

Technology during golf instruction provides data that highlights key swing faults and accelerates swing changes with accurate quantitative feedback. Trackman 4 is used by 49 of the best 50 players in the world.

High Speed Video Analysis

Golf instruction at Tee Box also consists of slow motion golf swing analysis using high speed video cameras. During the lesson, we can identify what the weaknesses are in your game using Trackman data and see what movements are causing these issues using our high speed cameras.

Post Lesson Video Reports

After your golf instruction, each golfer creates a Trackman account where they will receive videos of their golf swing and their Trackman numbers, summarising the lesson. As a result their is a clear understanding what Trackman numbers need improving for optimum ball flight and what swing changes need to be made looking at the slow motion videos.

Variable Practice

Using quantitative feedback we can identify improvements and weaknesses using combine tests, hitting shots different distances with an accuracy and distance score. In addition, we can get you out on some of the best golf courses in the world, Pebble Beach, St Andrews and asses your scoring or place a ball in difficult positions around the course to test your skills.

Membership Options

  • Hours of practice time using the best technology in the golf industry.
  • Play a variety of the best golf courses in the world.
  • Golf Days at great golf courses in the UK.
  • Golf lesson discounts.
  • Discounts on hardware.

Lesson Prcies

  • Member and Non Member lesson prices
  • Custom lesson packages to each golfer
  • Beginner golf lessons prices for new players
  • Couples golf lessons
  • Putting golf lessons
  • On course lessons

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