PGA Golf Professional in London
Frazer Moore


  • Turned professional off a +2 handicap.
  •  Biomechanics expert.
  • Technology supported golf professional.
  • Physical assessments.
  •  Injury supported coaching.
  • Performance coaching – course management.


  •  PGA certified Golf professional -Florida Gulf Coast. University Bachelor of Science Degree.
  •  TPI Certified Golf Coach.
  • Golf Psychology Certifications.
  • Capto Putting certified golf coach.
  •  Golf professional at exclusive facilities in United States of America.
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Golf Coaching at Tee Box

  •  Learn golf using cutting edge technology.
  •  Find swing faults using the most accurate launch monitor in the world.
  • See your improvements through data.
  • Build a clear plan and lesson structure.
  • Close to the office.
  • Post lesson reports and practice.


pga of america qualifcation for golf professionals

PGA Of America

Learn golf with the world leading organisation for golf professionals. A four and a half year course designed to educate and elevate the standards of golf professionals at Florida Gulf Coast University. Golf tuition with a PGA certified professional guarantees the best level of service and education.

TPI Certified - TPI certification created by Titleist performance institute for golf proessionals

TPI Certified

Learn golf with a qualified TPI expert. An organisation designed for elite golf instruction to discover the relationship between swing characteristics and physical limitations. Develop your golf swing based around any injuries, while providing physical corrections to weak areas helping to develop a greater understanding of the sequencing of your swing and aiding correction of major swing flaws.

Trackman certification for golf professionals

Trackman Certified

Learn golf with a trackman expert. Trackman has over 40 parameters that accurately measure how your golf club is moving in space, how it is impacting the golf ball. Understanding all the Trackman data and how it correlates to the golf swing provides concrete improvements to the golfer using hard data.

Putting Lessons London certification for golf professionals

Sam PuttLab

A certification for golf professionals using the most accurate and comprehensive putting system. Science and motion helps golf professionals understand the importance of the data and what factors influence missed putts, including the order of correction.

Golf professionals certification on psychology

Golf Psychology

A certification for golf professionals to improve golfers mental performance on the golf course. Learn how to use visual and auditory cues around the golf course to focus on your attention of executing better golf shots. Frazer has also gone through the Karl Morris mental game certification, the number one mental coach in the UK.

Tee Box London Logo

Tee Box Certified

An in depth certification specific for Tee Box golf professionals. This course dives in detail behind the biomechanics of the golf swing, understanding how body movements affect the golf club. This course ensures that our golf lessons at Tee Box set the industry standard, providing the best golf lessons in London

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