Beginner Golf Lessons

Have your first golf lesson at the best indoor coaching studio in london

The Best Environment for Beginners

Beginner Golf Lessons In A Friendly And Relaxing Environment

Limit Variables and External Factors

Learning in a consistent environment is a fantastic way for beginners to build solid fundamentals for a more consistent golf swing.

Regular Feedback

Beginners need to know they are heading in the right direction. Using Trackman technology, beginners can see their improvements with factual data and accelerate their knowledge in the golf swing by understand critical concepts.

Play a Huge Variety of Golf Courses

Trackman has over 30 different golf courses for you to play, including courses for beginners! Play without distractions and in a quiet environment where others cannot watch you.

Your Own Space

Learn golf in a quiet environment with spacious simulators with dividers. Each divider covers the bay completely so you don't have to worry about others watching you. Beginners are much more comfortable learning away from other golfers and we truly care about this at Tee Box.

Save Yourself Time

Golf can be a very time consuming sport. Beginner golfers need to practice as much as they can! Tee Box is located right in the heart of London, next to your office for convenience. Golf courses can take three times less to play indoors than on a golf course and eliminates the pressure of other golfers having to wait for you to finish a hole.

Bronze Lesson Package


 3 x 50 minute golf lesson

Silver Lesson Package


 6 x 50 minute golf lesson

Gold Lesson Package


 9 x 50 minute golf lesson

The 5 Keys You Will Learn In Your Beginner Golf Lessons To Be Course Ready

  1.  Hitting ground and the club face in the right place. 5 Shots in a row where low point is after the ball and strike location  is no more than 10mm off centre.
  2. Straight enough to not lose any golf balls.
  3. Enough distance to play the golf course.
  4. Playing with a full set of clubs.
  5. Completing a golf hole in handicap scoring.


Tee Box London Logo

Beginner golf lessons located right in the city of London. Conveniently positioned next to your offices in Bank, a few minutes from St. Pauls Cathedral. If you live near London, Tee Box is a fantastic environment for your first golf lessons. Our beginner golf lesson program will accelerate your learning of how to play golf.