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The complete guide to beginner golf

Have you played golf before? or looking to learn golf? Are you looking for a new hobby? Some thing to do on the weekends? Changing your lifestyle after the coronavirus? In this blog, I will be discussing the key areas on how to develop your golf game as a beginner and what you need to focus on.

The first step is to start off with a goal. As a beginner, I would start off with one of the biggest milestones in golf, to shoot under 100 in one year. To achieve this, mini goals need to be established which would be worth reading how to set goals for 2021

Golf Swing Basics

As a complete beginner, it would be highly recommended to start of having golf lessons with a PGA golf professional. There are many areas of the game to learn and to structure what you need to learn is incredibly difficult to do on your own. Golf is a very situational game with many variables. Learning how to golf with all these variables at once can be overwhelming. Therefore, starting to learn golf at an indoor golf studio with no wind etc is a great way to build your golf swing. In addition, the feedback you receive using technology is tangible and accelerates your learning. 

Beginner Golf Lesson In London

At Tee Box London, you will use the best technology in the industry in Trackman 4. You are taught in the image below what some of the parameters mean using this technology. As a result, an overall understanding and concept of the swing will significantly increase. Therefore it can be applied to your own game much faster. 

Trackman data parameters for optimum practice using golf technology.

Research suggests that it requires a beginner 18 lessons to be able to play golf and understand golf at a basic level. However, if you follow our five keys to beginner golf program you will be ready for the golf course in half that time.

Striking the ground in the same place

Hititng the ground in the same place every time for beginners

This sounds like its an easy task, but believe me it is not! Especially at speed. Beginner golfers must learn how to control the low point of where their club is impacting the ground. This will guarantee a more consistent strike on the golf ball and consistent distances each shot. 

Y Swing

  • Weight Forward
  • Wide Arms
  • No Excessive wrist movement
  • Maintain Y appearance in backswing
  • Let club line up along foot Line
  • Waist high swings
Y swing checklist for beginner golfers

In order to achieve a consistent strike location. A beginner golfer should start with Y swings. When standing to a golf ball, the arms and club form a letter Y. The goal of a Y swing is to maintain the relationship throughout the swing.A  Y swing is  when the club only goes back waist high with minimal use of the wrists to maintain the letter Y. This is maintained throughout the shot all the way to the finish.

Hitting the ball far enough and in play

Heres an image of a shot being traced by Trackman at a driving range. A Beginner golfer does not need to hit the ball 300 yards. However, a beginner golfer needs to hit the ball roughly 175-225 yards. As a result, the beginner will be able to get near the green in regulation on most golf holes. In addition, the ball doesn’t have to land on the short grass off every tee shot, but needs to be close enough to the fairway that you have a good enough lie to play a second shot near the green.

Hitting the ball far enough for beginner golfers

The Tee Box Beginner golf program will train you to have a power swing. Your power swing will be used for all of your long shots around the course. Resulting in fewer shots to get to the green and managing to keep the ball in play.

Using Different Clubs

Every club has different lofts and lies. For a beginner its important to understand what clubs to use in different situations and how the swing will change slightly for different clubs. In the image below the loft of the golf clubs increases from left to right. The Driver having the lowest loft (roughly 10°)and the wedge having the most at 60°. The Putter has the lowest loft at 4 Degrees but is only used on the greens. You’ll notice that there are three wedges in the image below all of which have different purposes. As a beginner golfer, you will only need one of these for short shots around the green.

List of golf club names for beginners

The different loft and lies of each club and the attack angle have a relationship. Attack angle is how much the club is moving up or down into the golf ball at impact.  Generally speaking the wedges will have a more negative attack angle than the irons. Drivers have a positive attack angle to reduce spin on the ball for further distance. 

For a beginner, learning to hit down on the golf ball with all clubs except the driver is crucial for a clean strike and getting the golf ball airborne. The more negative the attack angle, the low point will need to be further forward and deeper into into the turf. 

understanding negative attack angle for beginner golfers
Understanding positive attack angle for beginner golfers


Putting is the most overlooked part of the game. As an average 40% of your shots will be from putting in a round of golf. This is at all levels not just beginners! Therefore, its really important that you learn how to putt as this can reduce your scores immediately.



Setup and aiming is the most important aspect of putting for all golfers not just beginners. Even golf professionals are not aiming dead centre of the hole on a straight putt, there will be a bias for every player. On a 13 foot putt, 50% of the worlds best players are aiming outside of the hole on a straight putt. However, if they are aiming only slightly right the pattern is consistent and will work with the stroke. Consistency is the most important aspect of putting so that you have a repeatable motion and this all starts with a consistent aim.

Visio putting aim aid for beginners

Short Game

Many beginners struggle with chipping the ball onto the green. So lets cover how to execute a chip shot. Starting off with contact, if the ball is on the short grass there is no need for a steep angle of attack. You want to be brushing the grass with no deep divots into the ground. The reason for this is you want to use the bounce of your golf club. The bounce in the image below shows there are different types. High bounce is for bunkers and soft conditions. Low bounce is for firm conditions and short grass( tight lies). Using the bounce of a wedge allows the club to slide along the surface without digging and slide under the golf ball assisting with launch and spin.

Bounce of a golf club for beginners

 The set up position is very different to a full swing. Feet are much closer together (club head width) and weight is much more on the front foot. The body is much more open to the target to allow for a smoother release of the golf club. In addition, helps keep the face open as you rotate through. You will notice this by how much the body is behind the club head from the face on position.

Chipping Set Up

  • Feet Close Together
  • Stand Closer To The Ball
  • Ball Position Inside Left Heel
  • Body Slightly Open To Target
Chipping set up position for beginners

Finally, the follow through for chipping is extremely important.  You do not  need any excessive wrist hingeing as this will effect the low point and contact with the ball. You want the club to finish the same height as your hands on the follow through, waist high. There are speciality shots where this is not the case, but as a beginner you need to learn a basic chip shot with a consistent trajectory and distance to start with to avoid big numbers on the golf course. The feeling should be like an under arm throw with the right arm. Practice standing 90 degrees to your target and under arm throwing the ball with your right arm. You should have the same feeling with a club in your hands to get the arms extended away from the body.

Beginner Checklist Chipping Finish Position:

  • Weight remains on left leg.
  • Hips are less open than upper body.
  • Face points up at the sky in follow through, doesn’t need toe to turn over.
  • Golf club remains level or below the height of the arms and hands.
  • Grip end of club points at the centre of the chest.

If you are new to golf, and happen to live near London and would like to learn. Please stop by Tee Box London and join are beginner golf program with access to the best technology in golf. 

Tee Box London practice facility for beginners and skilled golfers

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