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pga of america qualifcation for golf professionals

Golf Lessons in London at the No.1 Indoor coaching studio. Take your game to the next level using cutting edge technology. Trackman 4 used by 49 of the best 50 golfers in the world and high speed video analysis.

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Free Golf Swing Evaluation

Start your Journey with a 50 minute full swing analysis of your swing using Trackman and slow motion video capture.

50 Minute Golf Lesson

50 Minute golf lessons using Trackman. Ranges from On course practice, Gapping session, Short game and technical full swing sessions.

80 Minute Ultimate Putting Lesson

Put your putting game to the test using Zen Green Stage, a tilting putting green to test yourself on various undulations and use Sam Puttlab to analyse the mechanics of your stroke. This session starts off with a 30 minute analysis and then a 50 minute putting lesson.

50 Minute Putting Lesson

Putting lesson using Zen Green Stage, a tilting putting green and SAM Putt Lab. The best putting technology in the industry.


Membership Options

  • Hours of practice time using the best technology in the golf industry.
  • Play a variety of the best golf courses in the world.
  • Golf Days at great golf courses in the UK.
  • Golf lesson discounts.
  • Discounts on hardware.

Lesson Prcies

  • Member and Non Member lesson prices
  • Custom lesson packages to each golfer
  • Beginner golf lessons prices for new players
  • Couples golf lessons
  • Putting golf lessons
  • On course lessons

Beginner Golf Lessons In London

Learn The Five Keys To Prepare Yourself For The Golf Course!

Beginner golf lessons in a quiet and friendly environment. Learn golf using technology that will accelerate your improvement! Follow our beginner golf program and be ready for the golf course

Putting Golf Lessons In London

Putting Lessons London certification for golf professionals


Six Outcomes Every Golf Lesson

Premium golf lessons in London using the very best technology


A Brief introduction about previous golf experience, how often if at all have you played and any previous lesson history

Importance Of Technology

Understanding of trackman data, how it correlates to the golf swing and how you can improve your performance quickly using technology

Data Analysis

Trackman has over 30 different swing parameters. In each session we will look at which parameters need improvement and explanation behind why these parameters are causing your bad shots and where we would like to see them for your golf swing.

Full Swing Analysis

High speed video cameras are used to record your swing from face on and target line views. We can relate the trackman data to the body movements you are making in your swing and why its causing your inconsistencies

Goal Setting

Based on your evaluation,we can accurately determine which is the best lesson package for you and align your swing performance with goal setting to establish long term improvements

Post Lesson Reports

Each Lesson you will receive a report to monitor your performance to determine improvements.

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