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What To Expect In Your Evaluation

Premium golf lessons in London using the very best technology

Golf lessons at Tee Box London start with a Free Golf Swing Evaluation. As a result, you can start your lessons with a CLEAR and STRUCTURED plan for faster improvements


A Brief introduction about previous golf experience, how often if at all have you played and any previous lesson history.

Explanation of Trackman and our Technology

Understanding of trackman data, how it correlates to the golf swing and how you can improve your performance quickly using technology

Data Analysis

Trackman has over 30 different swing parameters. In each session we will look at which parameters need improvement and explanation behind why these parameters are causing your bad shots and where we would like to see them for your golf swing.

Understand your golf swing

Using high speed cameras, We can relate the trackman data to the body movements you are making in your swing. As a result, you will have a real picture of what causes your ball flight issues and what compensations you are trying to make to fix them.

Goal Setting

Based on your evaluation,we can accurately determine which is the best lesson package for you and align your swing performance with goal setting to establish long term improvements

Build a Plan

At the end of your free golf swing session, we will build a lesson program to accommodate your golfing goals and how many lessons and training sessions to improve your golf.

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